"Is it working?"

So a bloke asked if my profiles on Internet dating apps attract attention, and offered to find me a date. Believe* it or not, these profiles are not primarily there to get me dates. These profiles are works of art - and art is entertaining. I'm quite happy to admit that they are bad art, if anyone feels that way.

Writing is an experiment in representation. It is one of many crafts. Through craft, we allow ourselves to discover patterns that are not immediately obvious without work. (Craft is work.) That's why putting up profiles is entertaining. That's why publishing on social media, is interesting. That's why going for job interviews, is interesting.

Maybe that's why so many women on the Internet (and elsewhere) wear so much make-up. I wonder how many are actually banking on social media as a channel for love and relationships (probably a large fraction, and I'd like to know the exact number).

(*It's much more fun to just meet people IRL, which is where I prefer to go shopping for relationships whenever I can afford it - and I haven't really been able to afford it in years - my sum expenditure there has probably been under $100 almost two years. "Other" work, has been rather consuming. :) )

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