Staying Chipper

Always room for improvement. Today I got a negative review, so I asked for help on two things.

1. I need help focusing on small targets.

2. I need help compensating for my overall insensitivity.

(1. When people hand me a problem, I usually start by looking for one that's 1000x bigger... I don't do this because I think I'm smart/hot-shit - I do it because I inherently like trouble (not a good thing). Generally when I do project management, it is by by mapping out the critical chain with concrete dates - it helps me to stay focused.

2. I often do not get a whiff that folks are dissatisfied or annoyed by me, until long after it has destroyed our relationships. I am unfortunately likely to treat indirect questions as a theoretical discussion. I'm pretty stupid that way.)

The weekend provides more time for quality work.
Cheap. Fast. Quality. Pick two.
Unless you hire bored retired experts.
One day, perhaps I'll be a bored retired expert. Right now I'm just bored and retired. No expertise worth claiming.
Off to bed for the day...

You only need to get over someone if you get into them first. If work comes before love, then all loves lost are non-essential, but definitely worth the regular muse. Of late, I've been thinking a lot about work, and how few people actually like work. The last girl I dated was one of those who work in order to able to buy things.

I tend to work because I'm trying to get away from those things that a lot of other people want to get away from work to do. Crossed purposes. We all have different callings....

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