Career Counselling

Quack yogi story of the day.

I tend to shoot my mouth off at recent graduates from the US who are in my network, when they ask for advice on building a professional career in Malaysia. I often feel inadequate. What have I ever done, to deserve a view?

- I have a hardly relevant resume.
- My knowledge of the operations of global brands in management consulting and investment banking is completely theoretical.
- My views on Malaysian society are fairly cynical - far drier than those of the common pundit.
- I plan my cost structure around the minimum wage of RM900/month, with all excess consumption, savings, and investment subject to my current occupation.
- I am happy with little more.

I just hope that while listing out my opinions on local culture, and how to strategise about a global career from here, there is some semblance of a transferable algorithmic skill. I hope that at least, from talking with me, today's young lady finds it easier to implement a means-ends approach to discovering a viable critical chain, to pursue.

Ah, talk.

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