Client-side JavaScript Frameworks

A buddy of mine at ServiceRocket mentioned Ember, Backbone, and Angular to me a couple of months ago. I just picked up Rails, and am looking into the most minimalistic way to extend it to build apps that live mostly in the browser. So I was reading up.

The first three-way comparison that I read.

Related for comparison:

Why this guy wants to use Riot.js (1kb) instead:
- https://muut.com/blog/technology/frameworkless-javascript.html (Now, THIS is something I can agree with.)

More three-way comparisons:
- http://www.100percentjs.com/backbone-or-angular-or-ember-here-is-my-choice-and-why/
- http://blog.fusioncharts.com/2014/08/angularjs-vs-backbone-js-vs-ember-js%E2%80%95choosing-a-javascript-framework-part-2/

Broader comparison:
- http://sporto.github.io/blog/2013/04/12/comparison-angular-backbone-can-ember/

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