Mandates and Leaders

The only things worse than feeble leaders, are weak mandates. What's the point, oi? If you have clear mandates, and a weak leader, you can always replace the leader. If you have weak mandates, even if your boss is the nicest most enjoyable person to work with, if he's off mandate, you don't know until judgment day when your boss is judged by his boss.

To cap it off, here and there you find people saying that their goal is "to have fun," and then I really have a problem. I'm having fun without moving a muscle. Fun is not a reason to go to work. I suppose some people find it hard to enjoy doing what they do for money - well don't we all, sometimes - the point of professionalism is to pursue commercial fulfilment, even if you have to change yourself into the sort of person who likes your end of the deal, you do it so that you get to close the deal. That's enjoying your job.

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