Two Thoughts at Bedtime

Every so often I'm reminded that I'm a technologist by career choice, and not because I care much for technology. I spend years studying the craft, because it is a discipline. Otherwise I would probably be some sort of careless creative. And then I have to listen with all the folks who say, that one cannot excel in a field where one is not impassioned. I spit on you.

Meanwhile, all around me people wonder about my country, and my continent. Indeed I live in the rectum of vainglorious democracies.

Flat tire. Waiting for mechanic. I should buy a jack.
Thoughts at bedtime not entirely accurate. I'm a career technologist in the sense that I was motivated to begin study engineering details in order to become a better manager. At the end of the day, I'm only in commerce to pay for my hobbies, and so it's really about the bottom line.

What might those be?
Information architecture. (tldr)

All the liberal arts and sciences, to know what needs to be copied. Engineering to know how to do the pasting. I'll move on to other hobbies once we have machines that are equal poets, physicists, and lovers then our meaty peers.

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