Game Targets

I'm supposed to be playing the "make money," game, between 2013 and 2022. As I set goals for some of the portfolio companies at my day-job, I guess I should have some for my own personal account.

This article was a nice arbitrary benchmark. It's an extension of this study.

1992-2000: The goal was to get away from home, out of Malaysia, and into college in the US.

2001-2005: The goals (developed along the way) were to get the papers, get back to Malaysia, study Malaysia, work, then figure out what to do next.

2005-2013: The goals (also developed along the way) were to study commerce, prioritise learning for a decade, then prioritise money for a period after that; didn't make it to a decade before I felt I wasn't pushing myself hard enough. So...

2013-2022: ... I guess it's game-on for money. Sometimes I wish I actually cared more for money, and less for just learning things on a day to day basis.

1. Gross income of USD 160,000 or more and

2. Net liquid assets of USD 3,200,000 or more



1. You no longer have to work in order to fund your lifestyle. If you work it is because you want to work, not because you need to work.

2. The unearned income you generate exceeds your living expenses.

3. You can afford to take the number of vacations you want to take during the year, irrespective of what that number is.

4. You can afford any and all healthcare or medical costs that may arise for you, your spouse, or any family members, including the cost of long-term care inside or outside your home.

5. You can afford to purchase new cars for you and your family without relying on bank loans.

6. Even if you got divorced, it would not require that you or your family alter their lifestyle.

7. If you wanted to, you could afford to pay college costs for all of your children or grandchildren without it affecting your lifestyle.

8. You own your home and/or your vacation home outright. You have no mortgages for either.

9. You can afford to meet large, unforeseen expenses, without it affecting your lifestyle.

10. You have no financial constraints on your activities. You can do what you please, when you please, without consideri

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