Dismally Boring

Strange, if I think about it. Today was a long and boring day. But it was a bit busy.

9:00 late for meeting
9:45 meeting proposed acquihires
10:10 meeting proposed acquihirer
10:35 meeting proposed acquirer's handler
10:55 all is meeting
11:45 meetings are all over
12:00 chat on talent management and firewalls
12:30 lunch with proposed acquihires; first food beyond juice
1:30 emails on talent management
3:00 signing-on of new "senior" hire; let's give this a shot
3:10 while forms are being filled, there's time to check on timelines for an application handover
3:20 forms all filled; team strength now 7.5/8.0 of target
3:30 meeting proceeds (supposed to be 3:00) on tactical approach to solving long and short term technology concerns
3:45 emailed meeting minutes
4:00 emails on government compliance
4:20 emails on talent management
4:40 emails on government compliance
... (this goes on for a while; I can't remember at what point the finance guy asked for help to audit the network hardware vendor's deliverables)
6:00 break for food and a shower
7:00 back at the office, but napping at the desk
8:00 something resembling a review of continuous integration and continuous deployment tools
9:00 Docker builds facing bottlenecks at (i) package sources (ii) Ruby interpreter compilation from sources
00:00 mild success

The nice thing about having no one and little else to care about, is that days tend to be at worst, middling.

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