Seems like a lot of people I run into have low self-esteem, with a need to air their grievances and figure out what to do about it. I wonder if it's just a denser field around me, if I just have sensitive hearing, or if people in general are like that. Years, and years, and years.
max planck institute... geez, if they manage to retain all these nerds, this is going to be one interesting cafe. already feels like the truman show.


ZFC or Espresso: Which is Worse?

ZFC is kicking my ass.

That's for the ~2 hours of studying I average per day. Then I have to fold up my computer, and play battleships in N-dimensions with coffee beans.

Then they send us a four-bean blend. That's what, N-to-the-fourth complexity?

Not supposed to make sense. Going to bed now.

Good morning ZFC.

It's only a matter of time before I understand and cripple the ignorance between us.

Meanwhile... random job shopping later... let's see what's cool in F&B...
Small, roundish objects, made from milk and brown aromatic goo... that attract prebstergrammers by the boatload: infants, and lattes.

"What do you mean espresso smells like ass? Have you tasted ass?"
"Just go wash a baby."
Went looking for sensual jobs in F&B and ended up applying for a revenue management role in a five star hotel. LOL. Doing the right thing. Always shopping, and not waiting till I'm hungry.


Free Pour Latte Art: Training Kata / Sequence

I've heard earfuls of stuff on what to do, and what not to do. The main thing that comes back to me, is that one has to have a concrete target for drawing. Some people like symmetrical high-contrast art that photographs well, but those look like kindergarten drawings to me. I prefer slightly more complicated, asymmetrical works on marbled canvases.

After deciding on a target image, there is some dependency among the techniques required for implementing them, so this is a quick recommendation of the sequence of techniques to learn. Over to you for practice:
  1. apple / ass: straight drop; zero forward-backward movement; zero left-right movement; study height control,
  2. heart: (apple / ass) + single forward-stroke (skewer); then multiple hearts (try shared, and separate skewering).
  3. mushroom / monk's head: (apple / ass) with left-right movement; train for fine etched lines, thick discrete lines, degrees of curvature, etc.
  4. tulip / pac-man: multiple (mushroom / monk's head)s + forward-strokes pushing new (mushroom / monk's head)s into previous ones, finishing with a skewer, as with the (heart).
  5. squiggle: straight drop + (single backward-stroke during left-right movements); try with and without a (mushroom / monk's head) at the beginning.
  6. rosetta / fern: (squiggle) + skewer, as with the (heart).
  7. wing / side-view of fern: (squiggle) + single stroke, to connect all the edges on one side of the (squiggle)
  8. swan / birds: (wing)s + articulated drawing for body/neck + (heart) for the head
  9. bear / pig: a big (mushroom / monk's head) for the head, with a small (apple / ass) for the nose - these can usually be executed at once, but separately if necessary; more (apple / ass)s for the ears; etch in brown dots for eyes; etching in a single brown dot for the nose, and a line for the philtrum renders the bear; the big is moreoften associated with two brown dots for nostrils, and no philtrum.

Further techniques (unsorted for now):
  • rotated squiggle
  • canvas preparation: unstiffening crema; normalising canvas colour
  • anticipation of canvas set-point / solidification



People who feel ashamed, are the only ones who deserve it.

But in order to communicate with them, anyone must act ashamed. Willingness to play a shameful role, even if you feel nothing, is a valuable, time tested, communications strategy.

Especially in fucking Asia. LOL.
Knowledge of oneself is scary. Everybody hides.
Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, so if you don't want to piss people off, don't lay their thoughts on a table, even if you know what they don't know they are thinking...

2014 Rate

Note to self: the hourly price of distraction this year shall be USD120. Discount structure available on LinkedIn.

Avoid distractions like plague.

Set Differences

Off-day in the AM. Planning to hit the cafe to study 1) set differences, 2) MathJax's indentation limitations, 3) encoding propositions that are machine-readable, for popular automated theorem solvers.

As if there are "popular" automated theorem solvers. Sometimes I look at myself and wonder if I'm crazy. (Almost everyone else already seems sure that I am.)

9pm update: 1) and 2) addressed. A number of irrelevant distractions from errands and accidental participation in a staff meeting seem to have exhausted my ability to study. Time for a break.

\forall A\forall B\forall C,\quad&
(``\text{A is a set}" \wedge
``\text{B is a set}" \wedge
``\text{C is a set}") \implies \\
&C \backslash(A\cup B) =(C\backslash A)\cap(C\backslash B)

x\in C \backslash(A\cup B)
&= \underbrace{x\in C}\wedge\underbrace{x\notin (A\cup B)}\\
&= \underbrace{x\in C}\wedge\underbrace{(x\notin A\wedge x\notin B)}\\
&= \underbrace{(x\in C \wedge x\notin A)}\wedge \underbrace{(x\in C \wedge x\notin B)}\\
&= \underbrace{x\in (C\backslash A)} \wedge \underbrace{x\in (C\backslash B)}\\
&=x\in \underbrace{(C\backslash A)\cap(C\backslash B)}
"Are you the mathematician? I heard that this place has a mathematician."
"Er, well, I'm studying math, but I'm not sure if that makes me a mathematician. Today I'm reading about 'power sets' - ask me in a coupla years what those are for."




Vendor confirms receipt of payment. Time to start saving up the MYR2k rent I owe her. This ordeal is nearly over. LOL. More math, less realestate.