"So who's this princessa?"
"Princess. That's what she called the little kid."
"Oh, the customer. Not some woman you're seeing."
"They're all princesses. Faraway. Unapproachable."
"You lie."
"That's true actually - I just don't like breaking them."
"Do they break easily?"
"Well. If it's a pretty somebody with some personality, who doesn't seem to want to say what they want, you can just grab their hand."
"And then what?"
"Then you kiss her."
"Then what?"
"Then you fuck her."
"With consent."
"Only with consent."
"And then?"
"Talk. Which is fine. Unless it turns out that they expect you to feel something more than a physical connection."
"I'm a physicist. There are no non-physical connections to be had here."
"Wait, that depends on the definition of physical, doesn't it."
"Hell yeah."

And so the world turns.

Throwback to 2007

Crash coursing in digital marketing value-chains. Finally.



Knowledge is a curse. :)

If you learn how to protect someone from injury, you also learn how to damage them severely. If you learn how to fix problems, you also gain insight into their omnipresence. Which is why, the deletion of information becomes as important as its selection.

Prying myself off worldly affairs, and returning to the study of structures in consciousness, in bed, with old books, and modern accompaniments.



Strategic targets for cost-cutting in February, while maintaining availability of resources for study and job shopping:

- more supplementation: less eating out, but still eating out

- less travel: dodge traffic harder on the commute to the current job, and otherwise leave home only for job shopping; also focusing the job search on targets within 5km first

- stick as closely as possible to the summary plan: F&B, 7, 18

- remember to have a good time, and to laugh at whatever outcome emerges




(edited for style)
Hmm. Still cash-flow negative on the current gig. Not yet a problem - car still works. I was thinking about a woman that I love, which I couldn't afford even when cash-flow was greater - let alone now. Some day, perhaps, I'll be able to afford her. But by then, I might love someone else more - or I might already have contracted myself to another relationship. Who knows. The next thought I have is that many people do not make it a habit to think about their cares - these are plebs to anyone who analyses every feeling. Love is cheap. I can forget love. Time is fleeting. There is more to be obtained from uneasy endings. The endings that we can imagine are not entertaining. And that's the only reason to keep on living. To find out what we don't know about the world.
At work:
Q: What's your poison?
A: My poison is "being a smartass," unfortunately.
Worst case scenario, got a month before cash reserves are exhausted. Going to take full advantage of current operations to get some math learnt in the meantime. Back to ZFC!


Hipster? Hipster

Comment on a friend's post - about being snobbed by hipster waitstaff:
i have skinny jeans!! i just wore them today... a relic from my years of buying agency-normal-clothing hahahhaha... I fit in ok...

update: still awake no thanks to noisy chinks and fireworks in the hood. so i looked up the wiki. i'm officially a hipster under the "tries too hard to de-brand" definition. whereas the onitsuka types (shudders, is that a label?! ;p) are probably the result of IMC efforts such as those referred to herein: http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1086/656389