Moving on. Deleted my admin privileges in two coffee industry Facebook groups. Will start to advertise as a provider of management services for F&B outlets (coffee and non-coffee).
I won't say I'm an "expert", but chances are that I can help you to meet people, and to fast-track/streamline your operations and marketing, especially if you're in the Klang Valley.

I believe that operations should always be optimised towards investment mandates. Talk to me if you know that you are one of the following, and need to meet the other parties to get something done.

- F&B artisan looking to have your personal style exemplified in your work
- F&B operations (including strategy/management) staff
- F&B investor/brand-owner


Kik CEO on the State of the Industry

TLDR: FB paid a bomb for WhatsApp because mobile messenging platforms are going to become hardware-independent app platforms... as if iOS or Android could br virtualised and run on any device or browser.