What the Blazers

So back in 2000 my dad thought it'd be nice to send me off to college with a bespoke blazer. We got a tailor to make one for upwards of RM400, from polyester. It was generally too large, and I wore it perhaps twice, both times at ironic events. With ironic intentions. After college I basically postponed the prioritisation of income generation until I was thirty.

Then I got a desk job, sat in boring meetings, looked at traffic out the window, and wondered what the execution of the next ten years in the thirty year plan would be like. I'd never had a good reason to dress well (by pleb standards) as I personally have limited respect for people who cannot alter their views on culture. (Women who believe in their tastes have been especially hard on me.)

Well this week, I finally took the old blazer back to a tailor to get it properly fitted. The shoulders, hem, and back are all getting hacked. The quote is for RM280. RM800 all in, for a monochrome polyester blazer. What a waste right?

Well not in my book. Fail fast, fail often... I still wish I had time to hack around on a dress form.