Hell Again

May day, or no may day... managed to get a project started today, that was supposed to have ended yesterday. Time for a break to work on personal projects.

1. Public holiday
2. Too much dumbarsery at the day job
3. Time to get nerdy

... haven't touched this since the first two months of development about a year ago...

Back from the dead. A friendly reminder that while Cabal-dev is a decent package management system, sometimes removing ~/.ghc needs to happen before everything else is smooth sailing. This makes it about as stable an environment as Windows 95. Just kidding. Good exercise. And good night.

Update, later in the week:

Procrastination: doing software development on hobby projects before accounting for work.

Between debating the local government's subsidy on stupidity, refamiliarising myself with Cygwin, checking out interactive-rebasing in Git, and updating a POC of a web-framework in Haskell to be Windows-compatible, it's been an interesting afternoon.

I want to rant about a compiler tool-chain but there aren't enough people here who'd be able to recognise the tool-chain, so I'm just going to rant about the shortage of people who work on this tool-chain.

REM + Imagination

Testing an exercise for clawback of REM... stuff to do while waiting for code to compile, programs to install/uninstall/download, call centre agents to pick up, etc.

Close eyes to shut off SNS optic input. Render spatial models into visual consciousness from CNS optic input. Initial tests have been productive - got to do more tests.

I think what's happening is that to pay attention to immediate work, I often have to force-off my CNS optic input. Then I forget to turn it back on when I'm off mission-critical work (i.e. forget to allow myself to day-dream) so explicit force-on of CNS optic output helps to restore normal functionality.

The side effect of CNS inputs feeding into consciousness is that the control signals output to the MNS are decoupled (i.e. what naturally happens when we sleep/dream). So REM results just from antagonistic behaviour of relaxed ocular muscles which are then flexing in an uncoordinated fashion.