Change vs. Care


What I get back from a food vendor, at lunch. Something that people decided they should pay billions to manage. Something that many people strive for. Most people agree, that people ought to be change, where they want it to be.


It's not the same as change. Some want the average person to care more. Some want the average person to care less. I tend to find myself in the latter camp. It's the generation of emotion, versus the annihilation thereof.

I am the change I wish to see in the world.

Lunch break over. Back to shoveling resumes.



Have a low tolerance for ugly, and a low tolerance for slow... and you're 75% there. Resist the urge to add anything to that. Haha.


Tribe of Kaggle

Time to rejoin the tribe of Kaggle.

I looked into this as a way to study stats... in 2012. Back then my tool was Erlang, and I got side-tracked pretty quickly, ended up in Haskell, and finally got back to C++. Now I think I'll study C++ and stats together...

long and slow. That's what this is shaping up to be.

Food Alarms

This eat by intuition thing is not working. I need an alarm that reminds me to eat every five hours or so. It's been about seven hours. Going to make up for lost time.


CSS3 Jam

Officially reached the point where writing CSS is now like jazz improv.

1. The ontology of materials is simple.
2. The ontology of first-order relationships is simple.
3. The ontology of n-order relationships is infinite.
4. Most of the subsets of 3. are rubbish.
5. Attacking 3. is highly intuitive.
6. If you get good at it... magic pops out.

This is insane.

Stupid, stupid, W3.org.