Project management: the mapping of problems, onto topologies of problem dependency.

Team management: the mapping of meat, onto topologies of workflow dependency, to resolve topologies of problem dependency.

The next time someone articulates that these are the same thing, I will hurt you...

Risk Management: Sales Valuations

F*** sugar... I'm writing a CRM...
Sales valuations - too strict, or too lenient?

"broad requirements received" - Valued at 15% of the price to be signed on.

"signed purchase order received" - Valued at 60% of the signed purchase order.

"revenue banked (>= 50%)" - Valued at 80% of the signed purchase order.

"revenue banked (100%)" - Valued at 100% of the signed purchase order.

Thus Spun Zarathustra

It has been said that in life, there are ladders that you may climb, which upon reaching the top, you should throw away.

Financial education is one such thing. You should learn about discounted cash flows, and compound interest, about business ownership, the historical returns of every asset class, and about what governments are doing to money supply, and what the private sector does to shape our economic environment.

And then you should bloody well stop giving a damn, because these truisms of modern capitalism are religiousities. These are the opiates of our masses - a crutch to human development.

One should leave behind anything that gets in the way of freedom of thought. That is what separates plebs from cynics.

Just stating the obvious. Nothing original here. Carry on.

Too much coffee and tea today, that's all.
That being said, it does seem like Zarathustra came down from the mountain, again, and upon looking for humanists... met a microwave oven, who told him, "man? we haven't seen too many of late. Word is, man is dead."

Old hat.

Open Source Orgies

TIL critical chain:

Twitter Bootstrap
-> Less (CSS) > Jekyll (Ruby) > Perl
-> Grunt -> NodeJS (JavaScript)

OMFG just kill me now lol.
Java on Play, Ruby on Rails, CSS on Less on (Jekyll under Ruby and Perl) and (Grunt under Npm under Nodejs), PHP on (CakePHP, and then some).

And then a half-dozen CM and CI technologies.

This doesn't feel like progress, but that, I suppose, is the usual feeling when one is under pressure.

Must remember to breathe, eat, sleep, and maybe socialise a bit.


Toilet Papering

Instilling a low tolerance for bullshit in any organisation essentially amounts to:

- blame
- shame
- improve, or evict
- repeat



Stack Trace


Just professionally concerned.

Bearing in mind the professional game.

Pretending to care about moneh (gets the job done).

Pretending to get excited about ideas (haven't been pitched an interesting idea in years).

Wondering if explorations to-date have been inefficient.

Wondering if efficiency is worth wondering about.

Stack overflow. The lazy catch:

Does not really care what is, and what is not, life.


Rape Culture Wars

Let's get to the core of the issues:

1. Pacifists, and I'll rudely dump feminists into a subset of pacifism, like to think that we owe it to each other to be nice. That's a normative stance... it's an opinion on a "should".

2. Sometimes that "should" includes, "you should put extra effort into certain behaviour, because you don't want to scare people." And I totally empathise with that.

3. Sometimes the "should" is extended to, "if you don't abide by 2. then you are are equivalently evil to those who are first-causes of the problem," to which my reaction is simply ...

4. ... well if you're going to bring yourself THAT low, I'm going to wish you fear and trembling, and if you pepper spray me for merely wishing that upon you, I will see you in court.

5. Tough luck bitches, assholes, and friends... the right to fearlessness comes from within.

Dodgin Fools

Stay away from fools - poor fools, rich fools, happy fools, sad fools, fools who know what they want, fools who don't want nothing - stay away from all them goddamn fools. - the solitary fool
1. Buncha morons think it's "the first time."
2. Fooled 1/3 of the judges without speech.
3. One of these day's I'll pick up a keyboard and break some heads...

Not yet angry/sad/bored enough.