Aspiration: Sheep Level

People in this damn town are so limited in their thought. They'd rather believe that one responds to incentives normally, but is unpredictable... than believe that one is highly consistent, but emburdened by strange incentives.


Money is a game. :) The plan has been to deprioritise income against education between graduation and 2013, and to reverse the priorities until 2023.

I have walked around this town for years in study mode telling people that my fair price is 15-22k myr/month, but I typically do jobs for 1.5-3k myr/month. Can you see why?

I'm quite predictable.

Otherwise I feel retired. In the absence of both, I will do what takes the least effort. It's not that complicated.

Switch X:
X.cash > myr 18k/month : X.ok; break;
X(me).learning > me.learning : X.ok; break;

The only thing I changed was the order of the first two branches, and I decided that 5-8 years before I changed it. And I've never broken the timing terms of an employment contract. How much more predictable can one be? Sheep level?



When I'm having a bad day, I figure, my bad days are someone else's unreachable dream. And then I get on with it. Days, months, years, whatever.

Hudud gets one thing right. In the absence of choices, you are committed.

Chop all the options...
The tools of business are:
- the suit
- the smize
- the binary operator
- the database
- the inception
- the ultimatum
- the balance sheet
- the critical chain

Everything else is for the dreamers, the subjects of inception.
The contract. How could I forget the contract...


Thoughts in RDBs

Epiphany of the day: normalised storage of human thought, allows the representation of thoughts to be stored as strings. All such representations may then be classed together, in a single table.

I'd worked on this problem in 2011Q1 but didn't quite arrive at this level of clarity.