Yellow Alert

Spent the public holiday undoing 10-15% of the work I did last week. (Repeated symptoms.)

2543 days since the last job with benefits. 1373 days since the last stable paycheck. It's been quite a ride. (Training against risk aversion.)

Time to load up the resume launcher. (Risk management.)

Fact of the matter: doing inefficient, ugly work which is of a technical nature... remains preferable to doing inefficient, ugly work which is of a non-technical nature.

So here we are. On we go, for a little while.



Coolest blind date ever. She doesn't put her photo on her profile. First girl I've snogged in over two years. She wasn't turned on. I'm not surprised. Perhaps a little disappointed. She says she's more of a schizoid, whereas I say I'm more of an ASPD type - I actually like people, but the crowd just makes me feel like a permanent condescension.Then I went back to the office for database migrations. Tis the season.