Scratch Plan. Re-plan.

Ok. 24 hours after senior candidate bails, I have time to think about contingency plans. First, delay all the timelines; second, rearrange the timelines; third, reintegrate the timelines. Three months may turn into six. Some safety belts may have to come off. Giving myself a few hours to get it done.

Somewhere in a discussion on current productivity hacks:

1. Protein powder + B12 supplements.
2. Moving rented accommodation adjacent to office.
3. Explicitly prioritising work over personal relationships so that day-to-day decision about the same are easier ("setting policy").
4. Swimming - good balance between cardio and strength training, for minimal cognitive effort (no measurements, counting, or waiting in line, JFDI).


Trying to Lend Myself some Perspective

Well, I made a point of studying commerce because it would be intellectually challenging. It is always challenging to become like the people we are not. Here I am, barely a decade in by any measure, far less if you don't count the holidays in hermitude. This is the context of daily activity. From the bimbotic, to the vile, from the strange to the unnerving. I must encompass everything.