Shares. Why do people buy, shares?

I'm a seller. I generally don't hold (or acquire) shares that I can think of any good reason to sell.

But if I wouldn't sell the shares, why would I hold them? Well that's because I would sell them if the price was high enough.
My operations are optimised for thought processing. Anything in hand, is either being thought about, or it's noise/deadweight. Having zero money in the long-term is completely acceptable, so it's not an optimisation target. Making money passively is not interesting. Making money actively is interesting. #long #short #life #entertainment

Dismally Boring

Strange, if I think about it. Today was a long and boring day. But it was a bit busy.

9:00 late for meeting
9:45 meeting proposed acquihires
10:10 meeting proposed acquihirer
10:35 meeting proposed acquirer's handler
10:55 all is meeting
11:45 meetings are all over
12:00 chat on talent management and firewalls
12:30 lunch with proposed acquihires; first food beyond juice
1:30 emails on talent management
3:00 signing-on of new "senior" hire; let's give this a shot
3:10 while forms are being filled, there's time to check on timelines for an application handover
3:20 forms all filled; team strength now 7.5/8.0 of target
3:30 meeting proceeds (supposed to be 3:00) on tactical approach to solving long and short term technology concerns
3:45 emailed meeting minutes
4:00 emails on government compliance
4:20 emails on talent management
4:40 emails on government compliance
... (this goes on for a while; I can't remember at what point the finance guy asked for help to audit the network hardware vendor's deliverables)
6:00 break for food and a shower
7:00 back at the office, but napping at the desk
8:00 something resembling a review of continuous integration and continuous deployment tools
9:00 Docker builds facing bottlenecks at (i) package sources (ii) Ruby interpreter compilation from sources
00:00 mild success

The nice thing about having no one and little else to care about, is that days tend to be at worst, middling.


Quality Goods

My relationship with coffee is a good metaphor for my general work as a consultant and/or executive. I may make excellent coffee, and also know how I do it, but I may not personally care what it tastes like. I make excellent coffee because people pay good money for coffee (whether they can even tell if it's good, or not; and even when it's good, whether they can understand why it works that way, or not).

Most days of my working life, I feel exactly the same way about ideas. Make good stuff, sell it. Enjoy the irony of dim-witted consumers, self-congratulatory, wallowing in their narratives, unconscious of the world as it exists, simply as a state of affairs.


Recruiting Engineers for Ad Agency Folks

The company I work at is owned and run by folks from the advertising agency. We are building web-based businesses that do not relate to advertising and marketing services as a business model. However, engineers who I approach for recruitment are apprehensive, about the "advertising agency" brand of the people here. We discuss this extensively both internally and externally. On we go.

Today, in crystal balls. Four easy ways for this to end:

1) continuous nerdery (organisational developmental)
2) continuous nerdery (mechanical)
3) terminal under-delivery (technical)
4) terminal under-delivery (commercial)

Everyone wants to know how long I'm hanging around, and why I'm here in the first place.

I guess it's just a very nerdy take on Jackass (tm).