Charlie Hebdo deserved death.

Not from any universal morality, but out of common sense. You go through life, trying not to piss people off... and if you do, you expect consequences. Otherwise you are a fool. Perhaps a brave fool, but a fool.

It's certainly not a good time to be rude, but it's always a good time to state the obvious.

Re: "They weren't trying to piss people off."

It amazes me that people don't realise that their intentions are never perceived as they intend :D

Of course, every action havings its appropriate reaction, we should also expect this: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/11335676/Hacktivists-Anonymous-says-it-will-avenge-Charlie-Hebdo-attacks-by-shutting-down-jihadist-websites.html

And so the world turns.

I'm not advocating anything. I'm stating the law of nature. The rest, is merely our cultural preference ^_^

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