Immortality, They Ask.

Will humanity achieve it? Depends how you define humanity. To me we are just thoughts and feelings, and to me those are quite easy to quantify - the tech just doesn't exist yet to copy, paste, and propagate the data structures. So it is a wetware problem.

The natural progression is that first people will have a few chips (or other forms of networking) here and there to help them think about certain thinks faster / recall somethings easier / more accurately. Eventually, if we haven't bled ourselves dry of resources, people will start to pass the Immortality Test and their electronic representations will be personality-wise indistinguishable from their meat representations.

It's just a matter of time - if you can appreciate the structure of human thought for its fundamental simplicity as an information system, it's quite obvious. If you can't then there remains some sort of mystery about your perception of humanity. C'est la vie. Try to enjoy life anyway.

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