(Bits of Wade Wilson)

So that was the previous LinkedIn headline. But I see a pattern in my past work that's worth highlighting, so I'll rebrand a bit... in the Nick Fury direction.

The outgoing summary:

I don't care much for taste, and I don't care much for technology. These are superficial fashions that have little bearing on the course of most structures in the universe. Yet these are highly tradeable, and in the interest of commerce, I can manipulate them.

I don't find that this impairs me from being good at executing on mandates, except when mandates include having personal conviction. I do enjoy ensuring the accuracy of information. Politics, quality, and commerce are simplest and fairest when records are transparent, their contents concise. In business, I find that the clarity of a mandate is the single most effective measure of, and means to achieving, success. That's purely from a point of view that's concerned with informatics.

What are generalists? I guess we're the ER. Bring the work. Bring it hard, and bring it heavy. People say that I like my work, but that's not why I work so much. I just happen to live in a town where there isn't much else to do.

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