Simultaneous Undertakings


... this month:

(... what I planned to do...)

- coach a shared services engineering team
- commit said team, to ship an app
- implement web GUI for said app
- design UIX for said GUI
- role-play as stopgap product owner for said UIX
- raise hell for absence of proper PO

(... and by the way...)

- check on general feedback from multiple engineering stakeholders (clients)
- note specific structural concerns, review previously identified bottlenecks in corporate finance
- design a workaround for said bottleneck, and raise it (and other peripheral concerns) to the board
- then, emboldened by board's general approval, socially engineer the creation of an ops team

(... then it got interesting...)

- finangle mid-term migration of engineering staff into finance role on the ops team
- finangle mid-term migration of content staff (the only staff across three ops-less units) into PO role on the ops team
- make sure the accounting works
- analyse three business models to be implemented by said ops team
- align said analyses with mid-term ops and talent management pipeline
- coach ops team's staff in new roles
- initiate recruitment of replacement junior engineering staff
- initiate recruitment of new junior ops staff
- tolerate meetings with leaders speaking in broad strokes about equity and motivation, fear and trembling, fear of loss, fear of old age, etc.
- loudly declare my lack of interest in equity participation

(... hmmph... I seem to have run out of time to do what I was originally supposed to do... if no one on the team bails out now, I'll feel a little safer, but one should never make too many assumptions... )

- it's only the 18th day of the month
- but if I write it down like this, I can start to see the value of all of it... otherwise it's a bit of a blur that I'm just trying to make sense of, by talking to myself
- March seems as nutty as January (possibly nuttier); but back then we were uncovering fundamental issues (crashing servers, KPI shock), at least now we're getting to stab them

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