Axioms of Action

Here are some things I consider every day:

1. Every action and thought that I perform, is observable by some other human being, who has the power to copy and distribute that observation to the entire species. Act accordingly.

2. Politics is ultimately how we change the world, as most people will not understand reason. However, it is foolish to go to war without sufficient advantage to guarantee immediate victory, so it is usually wise to avoid national politics. Until war is necessary.

3. There is no non-trivial difference between the quantifiable patterns of human consciousness, thought, and emotion, and the quantifiable patterns of the machines around us. So for entertainment's sake, the tities have it.

4. Eat, work, and be content, for in five minutes we may die.

That's all. I just wanted to check that I know exactly what it is that makes me weird, and at the same time grants me a competitive advantages in various dimensions.

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