R&D in Malaysia? Like Freedom in China?

I read a comment that it was socially irresponsible of GrabTaxi (a Malaysia-originated startup) to locate its new R&D centre outside of Malaysia. This is what came to mind.
I think it's quite socially responsible of the company to avoid backwater talent pools when building a brain team - there simply isn't the right sort of raw material or logistical lubricant to bring that raw material into Malaysia.

It would be socially irresponsible to pump money into Malaysia just to try and save Malaysia, at the expense of failing at the organisational mission to excel in R&D. As the latter is the core mission here, failing at that would be a true indicator of social irresponsibility, given that the benefits of excelling in R&D would impact citizens and economies beyond the shores of Malaysia.

Sure, we have lots of cheap programmers here. But science? I can't remember the last time I was surrounded by a crowd creative enough to deliver that. No way jose.

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