Talent SCM

People who don't teach, don't deserve ancestry.

Don't mind me - I'm just grumpy while pursuing up to 6 months of hiring activity spread out over a possible 12 month period. :p


When the market gives you potatoes, you scrutinise every spud with a microscope, because biodiversity, yo.
You put out an ad. You get 40 responses. You start checking after 3 weeks. The top 3 candidates are already hired elsewhere. You're late. You read all the remaining applications. You notice the semantic outliers - they use words that tend to be correlated with special technical interests, or paradigms which reflect meta-cognitive ability. You do this with eyeballs because you can't afford to sit down and write an NLP bot. You note down the outliers. You send every single candidate an invitation to a group interview. You review the list, and make a personal call to everyone who has a GPA over 3.0. You review the list again, and make a personal call to anyone else who is a qualitative outlier. You sit, and wait to see who comes for the interview. [Visa issues, redacted.] If they can do math or visual design, you throw them into engineering. If they can follow, give, and take instructions without losing things, you throw them into ops. If they just enjoy being with people, you throw the into ops. Everyone else is a bye-bye. You reiterate.

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