Workplace Happiness

Happiness is for amateurs. A good businessman is only as good as his contracts.


Someone suggested that I should quit my day job on grounds of unhappiness.

But when I get up in the morning and put on my work clothes, I mostly turn off the part of me that knows or doesn't know about happiness. We're not paid to be happy. Bothering about happiness is a cognitive overhead that isn't valuable (at work) unless it's part of your job to be a happy person. People who take their hearts to work run the risk of turning into sad people, and that's not the sort of risk one should afford if one is committed to good work.

I pay a lot of attention to other people's happiness at work though. I look for sad people and I talk to them, eat with them, drink with them, and try to help them be less sad. That's specifically the sort of work that would be jeopardised if I allowed myself to worry about my own happiness or unhappiness in a warzone.

No way. Do the job. Fix the people. Stay the mandates. Or go home. Hehe.

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