Back in Town

Go, go, go... it's a vapid Saturday...

Consideration of the day: interrupt holiday after 17% to participate in another rescue operation, yay or nay. No question mark was implied. I don't want to know the answer to that. It's going to hurt anyway.


Once more I feel oppressed. It is the addiction of my peers, to owning things that they do not have. It makes me feel than civilisation is not worth improving. Burn it.

In short, while I wouldn't mind being a smart founder (I've met a few), I'd rather be a smart analyst than a dumb founder (I've met a few more)... haha... and I'm almost sure I'm not a dumb analyst, but I could be kidding myself.


"Why are you doing work pro bono?!"
"Because I have more time for social networking, than I do for client management."


Spent the later part of the afternoon normalising the style of, and documenting, some 2-3yo code. Time to pause for a snack. Then to figure out if the data sources it relies on still work. ‪#‎gardening‬


I am weary of commerce and its fools. It is a holiday, so it is a good time to think about it. In a few months, we will go back to work with them.


Must stop griping. An RFP is a blessing. It doesn't rain forever. #saveWater

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