By Day 9 on Vaca

5pm. That's 20-40 conversations about work, this weekend. Need to digest it quickly, before Monday hits. unsure emoticon

9pm. Caught up on sleep. Not quite caught up on sanity.

More paint touch-ups, on the little car. 2am, and it's a good time to relax. No time for private interests. Gotta get more sleep, for a 1030 confcall. Perhaps a little light reading.

By Day 10 on Vaca...

RIP scrum master gig. After I clean up this paperwork, it is going to feel just a leeetle bit more like a real holiday...

I offered the past 7 days of service pro bono. Pity, the SGD/MYR was at an all time high, and now, I have but a small project doing expansion plans for a coffee company in KL.

By day 11 on Vaca...

14 hours of sleep. Haven't done that in a while.

Scheduled study break till September. Wondering what sort of volunteerism I might find in the fields of technology, marketing, and operations.

First packet of instant noodles in months. Set up accounting systems for the sole-prop. Gotta pay bills, later. The student's holiday is on its way.

LinkedIn decluttered... slightly.
I'm on a study break from Jun-Sep 2015: I'm open to volunteer opportunities, side projects, new business proposals, and general chit-chat. Hit me up.

Otherwise I'll be trying to catch up a bit more on my interests in mathematics, quantifying consciousness, and building consciousness into software. I don't expect to achieve ground-breaking things, but it would be nice to become a bit smarter. Please don't think less of me.

Oh, and this, for commercial interest: http://github.com/jerng/superails.

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