There are folks who trust their intuitions, the rest of us treat our intuitions as other people...


Interpolating the feedback, and not quite sure what to make of what others think of me:

- Organisational Pyschologist: "You're in data services? You must be bored."
- Consultant & B2C CEO: "I wouldn't hire you to do business development, I can't see you excelling outside of operations and analysis."
- Director of media sales: "I didn't know you worked as a quant. Would you like to work in sales?"
- Director & Marketer: "You can't write, you're an engineer."
- Designer & Developer: "I wouldn't hire you to do technical work, you're too valuable as a people person."
- Editor of a Magazine: "You have no emotional intelligence for talent management."
- CEO of a few tech companies: "You're too slick to be an engineer."
- CEO/artisan: "He just does stuff, nothing strategic."
- CEO/consultant: "He's very academic, not operations."

Blimey, when I think about what would happen if I followed all the advice I get...


Fuck touchscreens. Fuck butlers. Fuck all these people with unstable emotions. Folks dream of robot personal assistants - but the true value of a personalised robot familiar will be as each human's guide, mentor, shrink, what have you.


If your pitch begins with "I'm super excited," I stop listening.

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