Vaca Month 1 of 4: Reflections

- reduce inhibitions to activity: stay busy, as long as it comes naturally
- reduce efforts to be social: make more effort to ignore plebian concerns such as making things that solve problems, caring about people, and running a profitable business (since it's a "vaca")
- increase discipline in physical labour (as there's never enough of this, and it is upstream from cognitive well-being)
- try not to lose too much money
About a week into revision of studies from 2003 (psychosomatic) through to 2012 (financial economic)... a few things come to mind. (1) I need to be more aggressive with my money - passive investments are very distracting. (2) I need to remove more inhibitions to first-order sensation (SNS recognitions) which have been put into place during periods of professional employment; these optimisations have no place in my nature; and while I am unpaid to maintain them they serve only to clutter my thought, and to cripple my reaction times.
Malaysia retains Fitch rating. Tsiripas backs up on threats. Volatile days.

Pretty conflicted:

- stock market studies
- software studies
- food and beverage studies

Busy vacation. I should probably consolidate...

I guess I'll put an end to F&B except for very large/long/clear projects by the end of July. And I'll attempt to maximise the passivity of my trading style.
Doing hard things is painful. Doing them alone, is lonely. I think I need to dress better to feel better, today. Haha...

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