Easy Bs

People who ask if I'm going to get bored of the coffee business are missing the point, and they probably don't know me very well. I'm already bored. Commerce in general bores me - boredom, as such, is a very core part of my identity. I like F&B because I find it easy. I like washing toilets and mopping floors because I don't have to sit down all day (my hobbies, which largely involve pen and paper, or computers, generally require me to be deskbound). I'm in coffee because of all the boring things in the world, running a basic bitch neighbourhood F&B joint strikes me as a pretty easy domain - a view I've had since I was ten or eleven. I'm in coffee for the same reason I majored in Philosophy, in college - it was an easy B. Of course, I could be wrong, but that's ok by me. :D

I wonder how scary that is for investors. I imagine that it ranges from nonchalance, to absolutely terrifying "we don't touch this."

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