Bersih Season Again (sigh)

Lawan tetap lawan.
Liwat tetap liwat.
Lawan tak lawan, liwat tak liwat...
Bau duit tetap wangi.


Former US ambassador laments the state of democracy in Malaysia. I'm 32-years-old. In my adult life, there has never been a democracy in Malaysia. I just laugh at those who haven't noticed.


Team Red putting out press statements, saying that they are training with knives.

So, you've been warned. Look out for planted instigators in yellow t-shirts. They would pick a fight, and the reds would retaliate, there would be a blood-bath, and a state of emergency. Please be advised, as are those familiar with our history, that this is STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE in Malaysia. Sekian. Do what you must.


Rallies? Coups?

Each to their own level of comfort. :) Simple economics. I believe that change can happen, regardless of my involvement, so I basically function as a freeloader because I can. If I go to rallies , it is because I am bored that day. I've generally said, "call me when there's a war..." because I'm comfortable investing my time in fast, harsh, solutions. I'm not comfortable investing my time in indeterminate timelineless solutions as the pay-off doesn't work out for me. It's too waffly. As far as waffling goes, I'm happy to sit out of politics and let the others go first (Magneto would say "pawns," but I don't think that's an accurate metaphor). Each has to do, what he or she feels compelled to. :)

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