Just Another Day

Wake up; drive to shop.
Glazier is installing a frame; masons are bickering again.
Call woman about wood; quote not ready.
Drive to colleagues; feed; conduct meetings.
One has to focus on corporate admin; one has to focus on procurement.
Pump gas while one eats.
Drive everyone to collect a signature; then to buy a silent hoover; hoover is out of stock; then to collect forms for the ISP.
Drop one off to do desk work; take the other on a procurement run.
Split up and farm prices for tiles, taps, pumps, and heaters; rush around as shops are closing at 5:30pm to obtain 90 tiles, 4 taps, and a water heater; car is sagging.
Drive in rush hour traffic to an industrial area to hand a deposit to a plumber.
Drive to shop, dump tiles, take everything else home.
Dump one back at his car.
Drive to mall; scope furniture, hoovers, iceboxes, and speakers.
Buy a hoover and an icebox.
Drive home.
Retrieve box of 50 pens I absent-mindedly left at the mamak last night
Walk home.
Catching up on deskwork...
... whee!

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