Cafe Quips

what would you say are the three biggest lessons you learnt since starting this project?
Let's see now.

1. There's a particular plumbing design pattern that funnels all sinks in a shop through a single grease trap. Now I know how it gets done (it's actually just the most obvious, but time-consuming, way).

2. There are, easily accessible, a large number of materials engineering outfits ("workshops") that could support product R&D + manufacturing initiatives, to ride on the weak Ringgit. I'd like to find time to get into that.

3. I can vendor in the entire (coffee market leader) pastry fridge... they do wholesale. LOL

WTF summary:
Who puts 14.4 kiloWatts of air-conditioning in a front-of-house that's smaller than the kitchen of the outlet?!

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