Thoughts About Life

I wish there were more people on earth who cared more for physics than humanity. Because for the rest of us,  every day is a long trial of disgust, as we wade through the economics of your filial blubberings. One tries not to criticise the boring. One can only make do and pursue an honest living...

It is strange,  when I bring myself to think about it,  to have crafted every single one of many social relations purely for commercial or sexual interest. To have no interest in friendships, or family. It is not a problem, except when one has to discuss it with others who have no such concept in their minds. I suppose all there is to fear, is xenophobia.


As I was saying on Tinder:

"Selling sex is easy. Selling sex to the right people is hard. It is the same with selling cake,  isn't it? Say "no," to dumbfuckery."

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