On Professional Snobbery

I think it bugs some people that we want to serve an objectively high standard of coffee, but talk about it as if it is perfectly ordinary. But don't you think that's the best way to snob about something? The ordinary expectation needs to be higher. We talk about "so-called special" things as if they are perfectly ordinary, but that means that the stuff that most people regard as "ordinary," which we don't talk about... we silently regard as rubbish.


We're just a place to work that serves specialty coffee. Not going to tell people it's great. They can decide for themselves... meanwhile we should be focusing on actual quality, since that's where most "specialty" cafes F-up.

"Some people," is a pretty large set... I've gotten this point of view from other cafe owners, partners, staff, friends etc... so not referring to anyone in particular, really... again, I do think there may be a time when I'd like to let go controlling the brand's messaging, but probably not yet... maybe after cashing out. Haha.

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