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(Are you peeping, now?)


I agree that empathy is important. I disagree that suicide is regretable. If you cared enough to miss the person you should be asking about their outlook on death tongue emoticon


Flip partners once a quarter, shower the world with hugs and kisses, and the world will call you a ho. Flip partners once a week, keep your mouth shut in public, and the world will call you a prude. Ain't nobody happy, 'cause haters gonna hate. You just gotta like what you do 'an keep livin. 'Cause nobody gonna do it for you.

It's called public relations management. LOL


Managing public relations for a coffee shop with 19 partners running around poking things in the world at large sure is a hassle... hahaha


Every now and then, I'm reminded by the frailty of the people whose lives surround me. Blood, sweat, flesh, and tears... these are the components of their lives. And yet they are averse to such imagery. Like children running in the wind, shouting to themselves, "I'm a leaf! I'm a leaf!," unaware of their origins. Accepting of stories they've been told. Clinging like dew drops without a prayer. What wasted efforts they embody. Such sucklings. It is not easy to know, if one should pity or refuse them.

Every day is a good day to die. If you're not ready, you're just out of touch with reality. smile emoticon


I hate working with slow landowners. LOL. Can't wait to move right next to the office. Meanwhile, back on shift tonight. Spent the day checking tactical considerations for staff handover, iterations on product development, testing the implementation of common products from popular designs, hammering out creative direction for iconography, and otherwise checking boxes wherever the team tells me to do so. It's good to have help. Let's see how long we last...

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