The Office that was a Cafe

"Possibly the first 24-hour specialty coffee shop in Asia."
Now I'm wondering what's going to shut us down first:
- staffing
- civil war
- health and safety
- other compliance
- exhausted cash flow
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Perhaps one day I should do a book straddling the styles of Dilbert and Dr Seus.

Exec1: Show me how to open the safe.
Exec3: I will show you how to open the safe. Watch, it is easy.
Exec1: I cannot open the safe. Show me again.
Exec3: I will show you again. Watch it is easy. Oh no - I cannot open the safe. What is wrong?
Exec1: Manager, it appears that your exec is not up to the task, of managing a safe.
Manager: Well, [looking at Exec3] he is not the brightest tool in the shed... but [raising voice] I expect that you guys can figure it out using... TEAMWORK. Did you catch my passive aggressive tone of voice? It was intentional hyperbole.
Execs1&3: We will try again! Hurrah, we have opened the safe.
Manager: Now you are both... liable for cash in transit. Even I do not know how to open the safe. Congratulations. Good job! And good day.
Execs1&3: [...]
Exec1: Why did you show me how to open the safe?
Exec3: You asked me to show you, how to open the safe.
Manager: I do not want to know, how to open the safe. No, I do not.

First and foremost, we are not: a dream, a cafe, a talent development agency, a coffee appreciation school, a charity, a place to hang out, a WiFi connection, a furniture lab, a co-working space, a kitchen, or a dining room.

First, and foremost, we are a business. And we exist to turn opportunities into assets.

In the process of achieving the latter, we may deploy the former. But we do so in the spirit of the latter. This thought must permeate the organisation.

I didn't think much of most bodies, until I started dating. Thereafter this body, or that body, reminds me of somebody I've been with.

Who is to say what is personal, and what is not? If people find you impersonal, it merely renders that you and them are different persons. Unfortunately, some people are less personable than others. Such is personality. :P

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