There are folks who trust their intuitions, the rest of us treat our intuitions as other people...


Interpolating the feedback, and not quite sure what to make of what others think of me:

- Organisational Pyschologist: "You're in data services? You must be bored."
- Consultant & B2C CEO: "I wouldn't hire you to do business development, I can't see you excelling outside of operations and analysis."
- Director of media sales: "I didn't know you worked as a quant. Would you like to work in sales?"
- Director & Marketer: "You can't write, you're an engineer."
- Designer & Developer: "I wouldn't hire you to do technical work, you're too valuable as a people person."
- Editor of a Magazine: "You have no emotional intelligence for talent management."
- CEO of a few tech companies: "You're too slick to be an engineer."
- CEO/artisan: "He just does stuff, nothing strategic."
- CEO/consultant: "He's very academic, not operations."

Blimey, when I think about what would happen if I followed all the advice I get...


Fuck touchscreens. Fuck butlers. Fuck all these people with unstable emotions. Folks dream of robot personal assistants - but the true value of a personalised robot familiar will be as each human's guide, mentor, shrink, what have you.


If your pitch begins with "I'm super excited," I stop listening.


2015 Rate

The hourly price of distraction this year shall be USD135.

2014 rate

July update: As of next month, I should charge X/month for advisory work, and 4X/month for anything that involves writing things down.

So what's that, USD35/hour for talking things, and USD140/hour for doing things. X and 2X is probably a better ratio.

So, USD70/hour for talking things, and USD140/hour for doing things.


By Day 9 on Vaca

5pm. That's 20-40 conversations about work, this weekend. Need to digest it quickly, before Monday hits. unsure emoticon

9pm. Caught up on sleep. Not quite caught up on sanity.

More paint touch-ups, on the little car. 2am, and it's a good time to relax. No time for private interests. Gotta get more sleep, for a 1030 confcall. Perhaps a little light reading.

By Day 10 on Vaca...

RIP scrum master gig. After I clean up this paperwork, it is going to feel just a leeetle bit more like a real holiday...

I offered the past 7 days of service pro bono. Pity, the SGD/MYR was at an all time high, and now, I have but a small project doing expansion plans for a coffee company in KL.

By day 11 on Vaca...

14 hours of sleep. Haven't done that in a while.

Scheduled study break till September. Wondering what sort of volunteerism I might find in the fields of technology, marketing, and operations.

First packet of instant noodles in months. Set up accounting systems for the sole-prop. Gotta pay bills, later. The student's holiday is on its way.

LinkedIn decluttered... slightly.
I'm on a study break from Jun-Sep 2015: I'm open to volunteer opportunities, side projects, new business proposals, and general chit-chat. Hit me up.

Otherwise I'll be trying to catch up a bit more on my interests in mathematics, quantifying consciousness, and building consciousness into software. I don't expect to achieve ground-breaking things, but it would be nice to become a bit smarter. Please don't think less of me.

Oh, and this, for commercial interest: http://github.com/jerng/superails.


The Heart, IS for Sale

"I don't like the work you've done."
"Would you like your money back?"
"No, I want you to feel something."
"For that, you have to pay extra."