Community Marketing

For the Nth time, the USP of a F&B joint is the quality of relationships that its staff form with its customers. Go on, ask your local hairdresser what his USP is. He is the USP. The staff he trains are the USP. It's an artist management business. If you don't get this, you're better off trying to become McDonalds, not an indie brand. LOL

Why Do Some Names Keep Coming Up?

I was wondering why Mark Zuckerburg is so popular, so I reminded myself. I'm surrounded by people who care about family and friends, and making tons of money, and giving lip. But those four things have over the years become low priorities for me, and so, I feel strange.

Mars? Telepathy? Pride?

Often I run into people trying to do something... special... something different... something that blows their minds, and the minds of the people around them. Then I cock my head go home for a good sob about how sheltered and boring the whole lot are.


Cafe? No Cafe...

Some people like to work hard to sell stuff that's worthless.
Some people like to work hard to buy it.
Some people don't like cleaning toilets.
Some people don't like working hard.
Pick your own stress level, and tell everyone else to go play far, far away. :)


Talked to a bunch of cafe owners. Scoped machines & tools. Started a publicity campaign to name the cafe. Hired a coffee enthusiast who lives nearby. Looking into an internship at a carpenter's shop. Checked credit facilities. Did a few projections. Took note of good deals at IKEA which will expire in a few hours. However, we do not have enough capital to do this, safely, as yet. So no, it's not YET happening.


Vaca Month 1 of 4: Reflections

- reduce inhibitions to activity: stay busy, as long as it comes naturally
- reduce efforts to be social: make more effort to ignore plebian concerns such as making things that solve problems, caring about people, and running a profitable business (since it's a "vaca")
- increase discipline in physical labour (as there's never enough of this, and it is upstream from cognitive well-being)
- try not to lose too much money
About a week into revision of studies from 2003 (psychosomatic) through to 2012 (financial economic)... a few things come to mind. (1) I need to be more aggressive with my money - passive investments are very distracting. (2) I need to remove more inhibitions to first-order sensation (SNS recognitions) which have been put into place during periods of professional employment; these optimisations have no place in my nature; and while I am unpaid to maintain them they serve only to clutter my thought, and to cripple my reaction times.
Malaysia retains Fitch rating. Tsiripas backs up on threats. Volatile days.

Pretty conflicted:

- stock market studies
- software studies
- food and beverage studies

Busy vacation. I should probably consolidate...

I guess I'll put an end to F&B except for very large/long/clear projects by the end of July. And I'll attempt to maximise the passivity of my trading style.
Doing hard things is painful. Doing them alone, is lonely. I think I need to dress better to feel better, today. Haha...


Neo-stoic Humour

The most challenging aspect of my consulting approach, is persuading clients that THEIR DESIRES ARE FLAWED. The reason for this is, that while many people are somewhat willing to consider the analysis of their heads, fewer are willing to consider an analysis of their hearts.

Passion is the bane of my existence. I must be the change I wish to see in the world. Onward!

Do not confuse nonchalance with anarchy. Anarchy desires rebellion. Nonchalance desires nothing. Nonchalance does not despise democracy, nonchalance despises only the desire for democracy - and likewise nonchalance despises the desire for anarchy.