I See Robots

"Haha. I like that you're like "I like robots!"."
"I didn't say, "I like robots," I said, "I build robots," I mean, when I look at people, all I see are robots."

And when I look at programs, all I see are little people. Sorry, kids, you may be a snowflake, but that doesn't make you special. Humanity, is so, predictable...
Not sure if people I talk to don't really get me... or are just trying to convince themselves that I'm not as weird as I say I am.

sudo go

Yesterday we ordered the espresso machine.

Today we passed the bureaucratic milestone of owning a literal rubber stamp (for the partnership's name and registration number). We also signed the tenancy and pre-paid rent through to February. We'll run it by candlelight if we have to ;) #notABonFireIHope

P.S. we bought a domain name.


INTP in Commerce

I feel absolutely nothing, putting moving medium sized sums of money around in the name of business.

That training to resist flinching while watching 85,000 MYR burn slowly over four months back in 2012... it seems to have paid off.

Everyday, we grow stronger. Hehe.


Major Search: 2015

Since I'm doing an earlier session, I can hang around and do the Philosophy booth.

The academic discipline of Philosophy exists to train students in the skill of recognising that all propositions (beliefs/ answers to questions) are subject to assumptions.

So if anyone appears to be either undecided or too sure about their major preference, feel free to send them over to the DOP. I would probably be busy trying to convince people that they haven't properly thought about whether they should be going to college in the first place.


Meanwhile, fund-raising for the cafe project has been fun. I don't think I've had that much fun networking since I had to run a Christian Fellowship in middle school.