To Hell with the Indirection

A thought experiment:

We're a specialty coffee shop, so we're going to charge per gram of coffee brewed... not by how much water ended up in your cup.
"You'd like a coffee - specialty grade? Excellent. We're serving a Colombian from XYZ estate, roasted by ABC. It's costing us 9.5 sen/gram, and the dosage right now is 20 grams, but it's still a bit too fresh and boring, so the markup is only 3x today - we recommend it black. Black is fine? Ok. Five-seventy, please. Milk on the side? Really? One ringgit for a once ounce serving, only. Thank you very much, here's your change. Come back in two days - we'll probably be charging 5x but it'll be worth it, if the previous batch is anything to go by..."



Mature Separations

Farewell, my young love. May you destroy the world, and rebuild it in these years. Perhaps then, we'll meet again.



The long game for me is non-alcoholic bars. Taste should be superior to inebriation. It's just the market I happen to live in!

TBH, I don't believe in taste, myself, but I do believe that mastering the taste preferences of a given market can make me a lot of money. I invest in utilitarianism. I'm actually interested in math.


All or Nothing? And the End Game?

Catching up on paper work in between cuddles. I wonder how many portfolio projects I'll have to do before I get a real job. And by "real job," I mean the sort of role I shamelessly designed my career to be qualified for... getting paid for opinions. It's generally an all-or-nothing approach, since otherwise I plan my life around the minimum wage, with an $80/month mortgage, and no insurance whatsoever. Maybe I'll get there in a few more years, maybe never, maybe I'll get hit by a truck first. Let's, find, out...