Mayday, Mayday #tongueInCheek

Today's final heart attack:
'Couch' is not the same as 'sofa', I do not need to repeat this. Semantics aside, the morphemes are completely different. The starkest contrast is the 100% difference in the number of syllables. Beyond that, consider how the former ends in a (technical jargon aside) sound that requires coordination between the lips, jaw/teeth, and lungs, whereas the latter merely ends in an unbecoming scream. No 'sofa's on the signboard, I repeat, "no sofas on the signboard."


Upping the Game

Improved brewing technology increases our control over quality within any N-dimensional space of input variables.

The 9-bar standard for peak pressure during espresso extraction appears to have been established quite some time ago. How far can we bend that guideline?

An increase in pressure provides an increase in flow-rate, so if we extract at 11 bar, we should be able to grind finer than we do if we extract at 9 bar.

Have you tested many extractions > 9 bar?

Pressure / flow profiling can allow for a slower start. E.g.

2.6 bar 8 seconds
6 bar 4 seconds
11 bar 4 seconds
6 bar till finish