"Can you get on a call?:
"An email will do. I'm extremely busy. Let's get to the point."
I suppose it comes from a general distrust of people who can't put their thoughts into writing. I infer a negative correlation with structured thought. ‪#‎snob‬

We Hadn't Obtained a License Yet

Well then, I've just fired my last remaining staff for failure to communicate regularly and effectively. If anyone still wants to try working for me it's not a bad time to try.

Let's not mince words. There is no room for the obtuse and infirm in a startup company. A business is a war-machine.

Now I'm considering sending the poor boy a personal donation for compassionate reasons, but I'm not sure if that's helpful for the root problem.


Thoughts on Talent Management

Some people are like hammers. Some are like nails. A nail can become a hammer, and a hammer can become a nail. But not all nails are destined to become hammers, and not all hammers started out as nails. That is simply the timeless reality of what we have been given, which we refer to as life.

"Why are you yelling?"
"The cows are straying."