Alive in a World of Flies :)

People are no mystery. We are lumbering macroscopic events, derived from the information processing minutiae generally referred to as consciousness.

Consciousness' hard problem and the ontological problem are one and the same - the answers... who knows,  who cares: only dreamers.

We see what we can see, and the rest is religion. And then we spend the rest of lives praising our neighbours for their quaint idiocy - finding meaning in animal habits of society, because it's merely easy.

Ho ho ho. Hum hum hum.



Me: "Enjoying gradschool?"
B: "Not enjoying. Just doing. How's work?"
Me: "Same here!!"

If you pick something predictable,  it tends to be boring.

C: "Saw you spewing poetry on Facebook.  Figured you suffered from a broken heart."
Me: "Ah well,  you know it's a fabrication designed to discover just much attention I can create for commercial ends. The URL is "jerngatwork!"
C: "A fabrication?"
Me: "In so much as all speech, thought,  and belief is fabric,  yeah!"


No Dreamers

In the grand tradition of no-liturgies...


Don't be coming in here looking for soul... or inspiration, or the feels, or delight, or fairy lights. There really isn't any other way to say it. No DREAMERS.

Pick yourself up. Lost? Get a mirror. Get a clue. Get sorted. Fix yourself. Upgrade it.
Still looking for a soul? Can't you find it, in that empty heart? 
Work harder. 

Opening Sentence to a Story in 25 Words

From its beginning to its end, nothing was clear about the idea being presented - and yet nothing was uncertain about the writer's intent - he raged.

Coffee Models

Bar talk.
Have you ever played Battleships? You know, with the square grid, and the (X,Y) coordinates. Yes? Ok - you know, they have this 3D version, where you have to guess the (X,Y,Z) coordinates of spaceships. Right. Now can you imagine a 4D version... how would you imagine it? You can't, spatially... but in theory it's the same thing, right, now you just need to be looking for enemies with a (W,X,Y,Z) tuple. The number of dimensions in the space doesn't matter! The space could have ten dimensions! E.g. (Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z), right? Ok. So your coffee calibration model is like that. (It doesn't matter if it's physics, or finance, this is just how systematic modelling works.) Remember, we're just walking through a space... it's just what I do when I get bored.


Little Reminders

Commerce is so boring,  precisely because anything worth betting on is intrinsically predictable.