Kitchen Rush

Captain's Log, 2016-02 Day 8. Towards the end of ops month four. (Ops started on 2015-10 Day 13.) Reports below refer to calendar months.

Monthly run rate is decelerating,  based on MTD figures. But I suppose that's okay if (COGS + OpEx) is decelerating more but we have no clear data on that. Also we haven't expanded kitchen operations into the most profitable shift of the day,  but we must within a week.

By EOM, we need to have suceeded in deploying
(i) execs on supply chain
(ii) line cooks to cover 240-410% more shifts/week than the present, while cutting pastry costs by 50% via insourcing,  and
(iii) the marketing funnel to grow mean daily net food sales by 270%, in order to grow mean daily net sales by 77%.

If we don't get close, we're pivoting away from 24-7 positioning for at least several weeks! All that matters here is the quality of people on the team,  and that is to be judged by its success or failure. 😁

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