Nerd vs Consumer

The body of consumer marketing is endlessly fascinating. Its head consists of myriad tribal languages (cultures; turns of phrase visual,  aural,  and more), its heart is set by mewling poms of a thousand varieties (each fundamentally the same),  its substrate is the graph of meat that turns food into carnival (billions of human bodies, governed by a specific information system sometimes referred to as consciousness). To me these things are easy,  and often gross. At work I see myself primarily as a manager of money. All balance sheets are the same. What I have to do, is merely plumb the morass of corporate and artisanal staff, customers, a market substrate,  and machinery... nudging us forward each day, along an undetermined vector, in an n-dimensional probability space. It is in this activity that one contemplates the control of variances, in the movements of particles through such space. Particles: a simplifying assumption.

And then I get to figure out how to translate how I think about the problem, to people who mostly just want good food,  or good coffee,  or a peaceful ambience, or friends, or family,  or a stable job.

Such is nerd life...

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