Optimism is Disgusting

In the same way that empty carbs are disgusting. The purified corn syrupy sweetness of its flatulence wafting up in one's face like the tremors of a diarrheaic colon. The fact of any business is that the risks outnumber the opportunites innumerably. Opportunities, like ideas, are trivial. It adds value to discuss the enemies around us - one million acts of nature; it adds value to discuss our strengths, but not to repeat ourselves if the same strength is the counterpoint to multiple adversaries. If anyone survives anything, it is because they took pains to avoid disaster. Sometimes disasters come in the shape of people. The point of gloom and doom is to smoke out the timid people who weaken an organisation. We want losers to quit, as quickly as possible. The funnel of talent must churn. And it must turn out any babes that cannot survive forces of nature.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...
You see this clam? It is closed. That means it is not ready. Like a virgin, if it is not ready, do not serve it.

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