Trolling as Philosophy

The nature of philosophical inquiry, is the seduction of a subject into discussion. Beginning perhaps something as trivial as a truffle. An attempt to eat it is met with a tilting of the table. An attempt to fix the table is met by legs kicked out from beneath them. An attempt to rise by support of the arms is met by bonds around the wrist. An effort to run is met by paralysis of the legs. An effort to roll is met by the crumbling of the building's foundations. An attempt to scream is met with the scarring anguish of torn flesh. An attempt to think is met with migraine. An attempt to faint is met with insomnia. That summarises why the academic subject is horrifying to some people. And it also hints at why philosophers can be socially intolerable. What can I say... trolling comes naturally to some,  and more so to others. But this is just the natural state of mind for some of us. For everyone else, there is cheesecake.

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